Friday, January 16, 2015

Rodeo Opening Weekend....Lots to see and the Sun is Shining!

After a week of gray and cold weather, it is great to see sunshine in Cowtown today!
The rodeo parade is tomorrow morning just before noon...but to get a great spot, be there early!  Remember it is best to be on the Sunny side of the street where it will be the warmest!  (Just  my preference.)
Bull Riding at the Rodeo

From the parade, many will head out to the Coliseum and the Stock Barns to start looking at the calves and sheep....goats, chickens, pigs, and RIDE THE RIDES!!! ...always a hit with the kids...and big kids too.  I always try to ride some with my grandkids...while my sons look on dying laughing at me and the kids! All in all, its a great family experience for all.
Today I will dust off my boots and locate my cowboy hats, which I only wear during the Stock is just fun...playing dress up as an adult! ...when you go to the rodeo, you will find all kinds of great Western wear in the Roundup Inn exhibit building.  I can never leave there without finding something to put on and wear RIGHT THEN!  IT'S A perfect time to buy a cowboy hat because the hatters are able to fit you and steam a great crease into the hat...on the spot!
There are lots of folks all up and down Camp Bowie and downtown...and lots are in town to shop!
I stopped by my booth at the Montgomery Antique Mall just before noon today, and there were lots of folks already there.........the ladies and some of the guys really like to see what treasures they can find...

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