Monday, February 25, 2013

Paint the Town Purple!

Here in Fort Worth, we LOVE the Frogs! When we say paint the town Purple, We mean it! By the same token, when people start moving in Fort Worth, they really move! From my real estate prospective, there are some totally great homes on the market, and buyers are out snatching them up! Here in our office, we keep a list of homes that are for sale, but not advertised, so that people who want to be more private, can still have their home marketed, quietly! Hush Hush....sometimes does the trick! I had an open house at this beautiful home last Sunday. The address is 1221 Virginia Place and it is just the perfect 3 bedroom 4 full bath home in near downtown Fort Worth where all of the action takes place each day. With this home located just off the brick streets of old Camp Bowie, near the museums, quaint bakeries, coffee shops, dry cleaners and lots of other really cool spots to keep the residents occupied. Just one more reason that I love Fort me for more information about homes or about Fort Worth anytime.