Friday, January 16, 2015

Rodeo Opening Weekend....Lots to see and the Sun is Shining!

After a week of gray and cold weather, it is great to see sunshine in Cowtown today!
The rodeo parade is tomorrow morning just before noon...but to get a great spot, be there early!  Remember it is best to be on the Sunny side of the street where it will be the warmest!  (Just  my preference.)
Bull Riding at the Rodeo

From the parade, many will head out to the Coliseum and the Stock Barns to start looking at the calves and sheep....goats, chickens, pigs, and RIDE THE RIDES!!! ...always a hit with the kids...and big kids too.  I always try to ride some with my grandkids...while my sons look on dying laughing at me and the kids! All in all, its a great family experience for all.
Today I will dust off my boots and locate my cowboy hats, which I only wear during the Stock is just fun...playing dress up as an adult! ...when you go to the rodeo, you will find all kinds of great Western wear in the Roundup Inn exhibit building.  I can never leave there without finding something to put on and wear RIGHT THEN!  IT'S A perfect time to buy a cowboy hat because the hatters are able to fit you and steam a great crease into the hat...on the spot!
There are lots of folks all up and down Camp Bowie and downtown...and lots are in town to shop!
I stopped by my booth at the Montgomery Antique Mall just before noon today, and there were lots of folks already there.........the ladies and some of the guys really like to see what treasures they can find...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


It is Rodeo and Stock show time in Fort Worth.....the parade will kick off at 11:30 on Saturday in downtown....with our historic courthouse in the background and our new and wonderful Sundance Square in the is sure to be a great time for all those riding and watching.

Last year, my twin granddaughters rode in the parade and if was so much fun watching for them.....and then seeing them.....

The parade marks the beginning of almost a month of Western themes for our "cowtown".  From one end to the other from Fort Worth, visitors and locals will live the "cowboy" theme.....I always dig out my boots and dress western during this month.

Where to find great western wear.....Answer: Any shop on the Northside, and also the Leddy's shop at Sundance Square....Also the Montgomery Antique Mall at I-30 and Montgomery has vendors with very cool and vintage "cowboy" things.  From old tack to western prints and artwork....vintage clothing, boots....etc.

More to come about our "Legendary Event" in the next few days.

Monday, January 12, 2015

BACK TO BLOGGING....after a long rest....but THINGS have been in FORT WORTH!

When you see some of the homes that I sold in 2014, you will know that I was working hard!.....
These are only some of the homes that I helped happy sellers and buyers with over the past 12 months.  I will be talking about them as well as other homes that I sold or worked with buyers to purchase.
Fort worth is a very unique city with a small town feeling.  It has all of the luxuries that you find in a large, fast metro area....but we do it much more quietly and at a slower pace.
This pace that is different from Dallas or Houston is one of the aspects of the charming life that we have here in Fort worth.....You can have friends who love the night life of a new great restaurant for supper or dinner nightly...or the friends who just want to meet for happy hour after work....or the family with children to carpool, attend sports nightly or friends who are attending an entertainment venue with happens here each night.
From homey to truly uptown is all here in Fort Worth.
What about homes?  What about pricing? What about affordability?  When is the best time to sell or buy?  These are questions that I am going to update you about during the next few weeks of my re-emerging blog....
For all of you who may stumble on to my may email me your questions at find me on facebook.
DiAnne Arnette, Fort Worth REALTOR
I AM AN ACTIVE AGENT, AND WITH MY 16 YEARS OF experience...I know about most things involving Fort Worth real estate!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN located in Parker County Texas

Enter the Gate, with winding drives to the levels of the home.....high on 8+ acres, 451 Stoney Ridge, Parker County, 76020....

More than 5500 sq. feet and all on one level except for the parking area.

Contemporary Hacienda Style...could be California, Florida, Italy or Spain.

Enter the front door and it opens up into a Rotunda entry....roaming area from this point.  Many spaced for gathering, ....have a wine tasting, or a football watching party....move to the patio and cook!

Domed Rotunda ceiling

Formal Living the Rotunda

Another visiting area near the fountain wall.

Formal Dining

One Courtyard view

Views of the area...360 degrees...see wildlife

This unique property is a location to covet and enjoy.  It has 8+ acres with room for a barn or maybe a vineyard........The imagination can be free to decide how to best use this property.  The construction is all steel and concrete.  Living area is on one level...the top.  The 4 car garage and parking court is below.  Uniquely fabulous!  Call DiAnne Arnette, Williams Trew Sotheby's International, Fort Worth, Texas  817 732-8400  to arrange a showing.

The Virtual Tour:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Living in Texas..............A Hacienda on 8+ Acres!


High on a Hill.........8+ Acres and
views that never end.

This is a one of a kind opportunity for a
custom built, all concrete and steel one story home with more than 5000 sq. ft.

A 4 car garage and the land for a vineyard or place for horses....or to roam.

5 bedrooms and 5 baths........

The home offers wide open hallways, privacy in every room, and large open areas for lounging or congregating for parties and celebrations everyday.
When you enter the front door the grand hall welcomes you and leads the way to any of the directions that you may want to go
inside.  The domed ceiing is captivating
and sets the tone for the multi-cultural
experience of this home.

From each area, you can see far beyond the property.  The courtyard is a resting place to linger and enjoy a protecting vantage point on the property, as well as enjoy the outdoor kitchen for entertaining.
Please contact me or look at my listing at 451 Stoney Ridge, 76020 to find out more about this wonderful property.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Paint the Town Purple!

Here in Fort Worth, we LOVE the Frogs! When we say paint the town Purple, We mean it! By the same token, when people start moving in Fort Worth, they really move! From my real estate prospective, there are some totally great homes on the market, and buyers are out snatching them up! Here in our office, we keep a list of homes that are for sale, but not advertised, so that people who want to be more private, can still have their home marketed, quietly! Hush Hush....sometimes does the trick! I had an open house at this beautiful home last Sunday. The address is 1221 Virginia Place and it is just the perfect 3 bedroom 4 full bath home in near downtown Fort Worth where all of the action takes place each day. With this home located just off the brick streets of old Camp Bowie, near the museums, quaint bakeries, coffee shops, dry cleaners and lots of other really cool spots to keep the residents occupied. Just one more reason that I love Fort me for more information about homes or about Fort Worth anytime.