Monday, January 12, 2015

BACK TO BLOGGING....after a long rest....but THINGS have been in FORT WORTH!

When you see some of the homes that I sold in 2014, you will know that I was working hard!.....
These are only some of the homes that I helped happy sellers and buyers with over the past 12 months.  I will be talking about them as well as other homes that I sold or worked with buyers to purchase.
Fort worth is a very unique city with a small town feeling.  It has all of the luxuries that you find in a large, fast metro area....but we do it much more quietly and at a slower pace.
This pace that is different from Dallas or Houston is one of the aspects of the charming life that we have here in Fort worth.....You can have friends who love the night life of a new great restaurant for supper or dinner nightly...or the friends who just want to meet for happy hour after work....or the family with children to carpool, attend sports nightly or friends who are attending an entertainment venue with happens here each night.
From homey to truly uptown is all here in Fort Worth.
What about homes?  What about pricing? What about affordability?  When is the best time to sell or buy?  These are questions that I am going to update you about during the next few weeks of my re-emerging blog....
For all of you who may stumble on to my may email me your questions at find me on facebook.
DiAnne Arnette, Fort Worth REALTOR
I AM AN ACTIVE AGENT, AND WITH MY 16 YEARS OF experience...I know about most things involving Fort Worth real estate!

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